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In life it is common to transition through experiences that see us evolving and heading down a new path. During these times we can become busy dealing with the changes and forget the importance of nurturing ourselves in a way that makes us feel healthy and well and able to face the next stage of our life. Doula care is critical in providing a space and environment where the transition to becoming a parent can happen in a way that nourishes everyone. 

Antenatal Doula Service

The antenatal period of becoming a parent can be an exciting time, full of the possibilities for what is to come. For some, this will be met with curiosity while others will feel unsure about what to expect, or how to prepare. Both of these approaches are right, because both are personal to you and your supporter.

As a doula, I put the needs of you and your family at the centre of my care. I will provide space and encouragement for you to tune in to your instincts about what is best for you, offering reassurance and help along the way and a listening ear as your journey unfolds. During our sessions, we will work together and make time to talk openly about how you are feeling, both in the present and when thinking of the future. We will also explore key milestones during pregnancy, through delivery and into the fourth trimester so you can:

  • Visualise your birth and plan what can be done to support the arrival of your baby in the way you would like
  • Look at ways that you can stay well , ensuring a calm, positive and comfortable transition into being a parent
  • Create your birth wishes and wishes for your fourth trimester
  • Gain helpful tips and signposting to resources and services that can provide specific information and support that tailors the care to you

Antenatal support is offered as a package based on 4 sessions, with a focused relaxation included in each. Unlimited email and telephone support is offered in between each session to stay connected as pregnancy unfolds. 

Core Antenatal Package £300 Additional 1hr sessions £25

** Prices exclude travel costs for journey time longer than one hour

A non refundable deposit is required to secure a booking.

Birth Doula Support

We do well when we have a good support network around us. You can look around at many industries, communities and cultures and you will see that people consistently thrive when they are receiving positive asisstance from others around them, invested in thier achievement. 

This is also true of birth and becoming a parent. As your doula I am committed to being an advocate for your preferences during this time, however your baby is coming into your life. I will reassure and encourage you as delivery unfolds and will adapt my care to be present in the way that aligns and underpins your experience in a positive way. 

My birth doula package includes all of the sessions offered during the antenatal period to help you prepare for your new arrival and the days and weeks that will follow. During your due month I will be on call 24 hours a day, ready to attend to you either in person or at a distance- however you need me. Once baby has arrived, we will maintain our connection so you have a safe space to reflect on the delivery and your adjustment to parenthood so far. 

Additional sessions and support can be included to ensure you (and your supporter) feel confident with every stage of pregnancy and your care and ongoing telephone and email support is available throughout.

Core Birth Package £800

** Prices exclude travel costs for journey time longer than one hour

A non refundable deposit is required to secure a booking.

Postnatal Doula Service

The days, weeks and months following the arrival of your baby will see the beginning of a new period of transition. Welcoming your baby into your home and exploring the new routines and rituals that are a representation of your love and care comes with a lot of learning. 

It can be difficult to ignore the noise around you, advising on the best ways to look after your baby, establish excellent sleeping habits and snap back into shape following birth and generally do too much too soon. The recommendations are endless and can create unhelpful pressure, taking away the time and energy you need to get to know and bond with baby and recover, physically and emotionally. 

As your postnatal doula, I will help to protect those early days, allowing you the space and support to grow as a new parent and settle into your new life. My postnatal packages are designed to be flexible and fit around your family needs. Working for a minimum of two hours per visit, I can provide you with the quiet confidence to trust your instincts and explore parenting in a way that feels right for you. 

During our time together I am also able to incorporate the following into visits as required:

  • Preparing healthy and nourishing meals and doing some light house work
  • Supporting you in gaining confidence with feeding, changing, bathing and soothing baby
  • Caring for baby so you can rest, bathe or do any other activities that contribute to your wellness
  • Accompany you on those first trips outside
  • Provide soothing relaxation massage
  • Signpost to wider support as required


Postnatal support is offered as a package based on a minimum of 4 weeks and 2 hours upwards per visit, with unlimited email and telephone support available between each session to stay connected. 

Postnatal Package from £260

Additional hourly rate of £17

*Price indicated is based on a three hour visit twice a week for four weeks

** Prices exclude travel costs for journey time longer than one hour

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