Support for Surrogacy

I love seeing the positive ripples of surrogacy, not only creating parents, but also aunts, uncles and grandparents who for some time thought they would never have that name.

I am an experienced surrogate and have enjoyed helping to complete two different families, delivering three babies!

Surrogacy came into my life in 2014 after I offered to help a loved one - spoiler, they had two lovelies babies without my help! However, I felt compelled to give someone the chance of a family, something I have felt so lucky to have myself. I chose to follow a supported pathway to find intended parents and navigate the milestones of surrogacy.

My first journey was a twin pregnancy! After a difficult pregnancy and delivery which required a  long healing process, I started using my voice to push for better care for surrogates local to me. This was the start of discovering my calling to become a doula and birth supporter.

When I decided to do a second journey, I knew that I would combine the learnings from my previous pregnancies and deliveries to ensure the care and support I needed was in place. A doula was a must for me and, having completed my own training early in my surrogacy, I was already part of an amazing cuddle of doula's that I trusted. I also employed some hypnobirthing tools to help prepare me for my labour. 

I feel very positive about my second journey and find my passion for caring for people during such a unique time has grown.

Benefits of Early Doula Care

Supporting you to have a positive and ethical surrogacy is central to my purpose as your Doula. My surrogacy focused care will provide you with early insight into key milestones in a journey, as well as some of the options and decisions you may be faced with, making it perfect for intended parents, surrogates or a matched team!

Early and regular access to contact with me means we can get to know each other and build a relationship built on trust, giving you confidence in your decisions and the path ahead. 

A journey through surrogacy will be different for everyone involved and it is important that your care reflects the unique experience you are having. As your doula I will tailor my support to acknowldge each step you take, along with your hopes for the new, special times still to come. 

Care for Surrogates

Antenatal support for surrogates puts your health and wellbeing during pregnancy at the heart of my care, especially when  appointments you attend may be focused on the baby you are carrying. 

Your care will include all of the amazing features of a standard antenatal package, with the added bonus of having everything tailored to you as an awesome surrogate! 

Some of the benefits you can can expect include: 

  • Having space to check in with how you are feeling, physically and emotionally as pregnancy progresses, knowing I truly understand what may be happening for you
  • Planning what feels right for you during and after birth and delivery
  • Support to ensure your birth wishes are communicated to everyone effectively, providing you with reassurance
  • Guidance on what to expect in the days and weeks following delivery and how to be kind to yourself as your body recovers


Following delivery your body will need time to rest and recover from the amazing job it has just done! In amongst physical recovery there may also be a mixture of emotions as your body processes all of the hormones released and your mind works through your experience. 

Doula care will support you as you heal, providing you with nourishment and reminding you to take it slow. I will create time and space for you to enjoy some much needed relaxation and can help to debrief events where needed and when I have been present.

If additional help, or specialist services are required, I can find the information needed and work with you to seek referrals. I can also provide you with guidance on what to expect during this new, final stage of your journey so that you can relax and enjoy watching the family you have helped grow. 

Care for Intended Parents

Once a pregnancy is established you can begin to enjoy the anticipation of welcoming your new baby! My antenatal care is designed to support you through pregnancy, navigating appointments and scans and making practical recommendations for ways you and your surrogate can enjoy this time together.

I will be on hand to help you prepare for the period leading up to birth, getting everything in place to ensure you can be there when labour begins. I can support you to plan for birth so you can have those first special moments with your baby before starting the next amazing chapter of your life.   

Antenatal care for intended parents will include key elements of a standard antenatal package:

  • signposting to resources and services
  • debriefing on appointments  
  • planning for birth

In addition, you would benefit from focused sessions to:

  • Understand what will happen during delivery, incuding key terminology and options
  • Explore easy and effective ways to enjoy pregnancy with your surrogate
  • Develop tools for remaining calm, even as the landscape of birth progresses and changes
  • Planning for birth with you and your surrogate so you can all prepare for a positive experience
  • Planning for the early days with your baby, making sure you have support, nourishment and space to get to know each other


The postnatal phase of your journey will be as unique as every step you have taken so far. When you welcome baby home and begin to get to know each other, it is normal to pour your love and energy into caring for your new arrival. my doula care will ensure that you are also nurtured and rested as you transition into life with a newborn.

I will be a calm, positive and supportive presence, encouraging you to explore your instincts as you encounter all the 'firsts' of caring for baby and answering questions to give you any reassurance you may need. Through spending time together we can process your experiences so far and explore local services and provisions to help you begin this next phase with confidence. 

As your postnatal doula, I will be with you in the way that best suits your needs. This may include helping around the house a little and preparing nutritious food, looking after baby so you can focus on caring for yourself or just sitting and providing company and a listening ear! 

Thank you for everything you have done

Antenatal surrogacy support

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